Youngest Coach In Soccer History

Jamaican Kid Trainer Challenges Usain Bolt to a Race

at eight years old, our next guest is the cutest and youngest personal trainer in the world.Straight.Straight.No weakness.Me, not know weakness.Me know muscle.And you gotta do dips and everything.That will work and build up those muscles.Trust me.Rastafar.Me see ya later.You're eight years old, and you started getting into exercise at what age um, i started.Eight.Laughter just recently.Yeah.What made you start what made me start is that i go around the neighborhood.

And i.Look to see kids, um, like, exercising, but i see that other kids bully them, so that's why i started exercising, so i don't get bullied.And i had a cousin who was bullied about his size and his weight, so then, i had to do something because, like you see on the tv, i gotta be fit and strong.That's right.Applause yeah.Soand you know there are a lot of kids who aren't into exercise.They're just playing tutorial games and they're inside sitting on the couch.

Not doing anything, and you're, likenot only are you exercising, but you're motivational.Where do you get this energy and this personality to tell people to be strong well.It's just who i am.Laughs it just comes out yeah.All those things just come out of you yes.And when someone's exercising if they're doing something you just tell 'em what to do yeah, i give them more information, like, if they're doing something andlike, they're doing a pushup and it's wrong, arm twisted,.

I give them information.So, how you do it and, um, what it how it helps your body.Mmhmm.How you stay fit, healthy, and strong.Mmkay, so, how is the best way to do it is a pushupis that your favorite exercise pushup and dips.Pushup and dips.Dips are the thing where you put your arms back and you.Yeah.Yes.Lift yourself up.So those are good for what muscle here, your stomach, and also on your calf.On your calf.And pushups are good for what.

pushup are good for your stomach and.And bicep muscle.Yeah.I see.Okay.And so, how many pushups can you do can you do a lot yeah, i did 60 in the morning and i ease off and then i do 30 i'm sorry, back up.You can do how many laughter 60 60 and then i ease off.In the afternoon, then i do 30.30.60 and then 30 yeah.That's 90.Yeah.Laughter you do 90 pushups a day.

yeah.That's amazing.And do youcan other kids keep up with you can they do 60 they gotta take a, you know, they gotta take a little.Breatha waterbreak.Yeah.They can't do 60 in a row.No.A waterbreak or something like that.Do you let them no.You don't laughter good for you.You tell 'em to keep going, right yeah.What do you wanna do when you get older i wanna be a personal trainer.Mmhmm.

also, i wanna be a basketball player.Mmhmm.And, you know, i like trackrunning.Uhhuh.So, i wanna challenge usain bolt in a race.You wanna race who usian bolt.Oh, you wannahe's fast, huh yeah.Do you think that you could beat him yeah, 100.Laughter and applause you could beat usain bolt you're sayyou know, you can't talk trash like that, and not expect him to show up and challenge you.Usain, where are you trust me.

Rock music cheers and applause laughs what up what up pushup.Yeah.Grunting laughs cheers and applause all right.All laugh oh, so, wait.You're gonna you heard what he said.Yeah, i heard it.So, we have a track set up outside.Ooh.Chuckles yeah, don't back down now.You can't back down now.You can't back down now.We're going outside.We're gonna go race right now.You're gonna start down there.You relax and walk slowly.

Save up your energy.Just like that.Laughs come on, usain, don't be scared of me.Oh, what is this laughs what is this never expected it.Chuckles trash talking.I know.He's so calm about this.Yeah, he's ready though.We got blocks if you want 'em as an option or we can just get rid of 'em and you can start blah, and it's backwards, man.Yeah, well.You can tell whopeople who did not set this up.

Were not track people.Okay, so, let's lose 'em let's lose 'em.All right, let's lose 'em.Strike the blocks.Got that.Backwards.No blocks.They're backwards.Okay, i'm gonna give you guys, are you ready set.And then you'll hear the horn.Yeah.Hey, hey, hey.Whhey.Watch the line.Watch your foothey.What you doing watch the line.Okay, my fault.I want a fair race.Listen, fair race, all right on your mark.

hold on, hold on.Let me just.All right, stretch it out.Get one stretch in.All right, let's go.On your mark.Get set.Air horn blows wha laughs cheers and applause suspenseful music no.Groaning bell rings cheers and applause ah, you almost had him.He got lucky.All of a sudden you had some cramps.Cramps.Oh, man.I got cramps.Way to go, man.Thank you.Way to go.I got cramps.That was fanyou got.

David Lopez Soccer Dads 1

I started david lopez football academy because i believe in children.I wish i had me when i was little.In mexico we would play with a ball made of cardboard and duct tape.We used the orange mesh bags that fruit comes in to make the goal.It was a magical time.But then an injury to my acl took me out of the game forever.David told me that his first memory coming home from the , watching tv all day long, most babies, they don't watch soccer.If it wasn't for his injury,.

He could've been a super star.We're very proud to sponsor his team.We own the chavez brothers mortuary so much gratitude, you know we still struggle every day, but we wouldn't be here without them.Saturdays we can't practice at the park.So gilbert and johnny let us practice on their, um, their field.He has some unconventional coaching methods, sure.Um, i mean, the team's sponsored by a mortuary.It's a little creepy and weird.But, uh, i mean hey, he gets results.Kindness, generosity, discipline, respect for elders,.

None of this was going on until we met coach david.Every team needs a captain.And this year's captain, david, wait, wait stop! david, i need you to move aside.Jana, team captain! come on up! yeah! 'cus she's better than him.Generally there's lots of love between the parents and i.But, we don't always get along.Are you kidding me! you're gonna charge me a trophy fee how are you gonna charge people for a trophy it's a nice trophy! no, no, you know what.There was an issue with the participation trophies.

You know, high quality trophies are hard to come by.And, uh, it wasn't in the budget this year.And, you know, i had to improvise.You know, i had to think on my feet and i think i did pretty good.It's ridiculous, this is duct tape.I paid 150 bucks for this i don't think so.I had to say something.It's a nice trophy! you know what it's not! it's a piece of crap! come on, seriously oh my.These are handcrafted pieces of art.I mean they're for participation trophies,.

Top 10 Best Football Managers In Europe

Top 10 best football managers in europe,Subscribe to euro football daily eurofdsubscribe euro football daily have counted down the top 10 best football managers in europe. Hoffenheim unveil julian nagelsmann youngest coach in bundesliga history,The 28yearold was the clubs former u19 coach and will take charge ahead of schedule following huub stevens unexpected resignation julian nagelsmann. Brett brown on coaching the youngest team in the history of the nba,Brett brown full postgame press conference prior to the boston celtics 112515 matchup against the philadelphia 76ers filmed and produced by kyle george.

Youngest college football coach ac patterson of portland state interviewed,Ac patterson the psu oline coach pro liaison stops by portland latenight talk show whos the ross to talk about being the youngest coach in college. 10 angry football managers,Sound sync problems with maskaant tutorial sorry a collection of 10 very angry football managers featuring all the kings of anger behind the touchline louis. Jamaican kid trainer challenges usain bolt to a race,Viral tutorial star demarjay smith and the olympian had a race for the history books see who won right here.

Seven year old goalkeeper bobby amazing saves season 20142015,My 2nd year as a goalie still playing for the team of fc unterfhring in germany enjoy my skills and spread the tutorial around the world love peace bobby.

Top 5 best football players in history,Hey made another top 5 vid and this top 5 is about football players soccer players top 5 best football players in history make sure to leave a like and. Fa cup welcomes its youngest ever manager 22yearold james phillips of romsey town,Fa cup welcomes its youngest ever manager 22yearold james phillips of romsey town.

Sportskool Interviews Northwesterns Head Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald

Sportskool interviews northwesterns head football coach pat fitzgerald,Pat fitzgerald head football coach at northwestern university discusses his coaching philosophy developing young talent and dealing with officials in this. Bonheur chubahiro youngest australian football coach,Bonheur chubahiro youngest australian football coach elevenyearold africanaustralian bonheur chubahiro originally from burundi has become one of. Amazing 9 year old soccer goalkeeper dino bontis,Dino bontis is a 9 year old born in 2004 goalkeeper this tutorial represents a compilation of some highlights during the 201314 indoor soccer season when he.

Brazilian best young talents the future of football 2016,The most brazilian future talents of football young talents u23 amazing skills tricks and goals from the brazilian wonderkids promessas do futebol. Almedin brkic 5 year old soccer player the next messi,Almedin messi brkic the next messi probably not but only 5 years old soccer football player showing alot of talent he is left footed like messi but can do. Tony picard football player is 64 and 400 lbs in high school biggest running back ever,Tony picard football player is 64 and 400 lbs in high school biggest running back ever tony picard football player is 64 and 400 lbs in high school.

Top 10 goals youngest goalscorers,Theyre still just kids but theyre already bundesliga goalscorers leverkusens 17yearold julian brandt and 18yearold timo werner of vfb stuttgart are. Top 10 highest paid coaches in sports,Top 10 highestpaid coaches in sports 10 mike tomlin pittsburgh steelers nfl annual salary 5 million michael pettaway mike tomlin is the current head. Stockdales head coach brett shelton is youngest in kern county but has full grown commitment to mus,Brett shelton says he started going to games at stockdale before mustang field was built now he is the youngest head coach in kern county but has full grown.

Bertholds Bundesliga 24 Hoffenheims Nagelsmann Too Young To Succeed

Bertholds bundesliga 24 hoffenheims nagelsmann too young to succeed,The 1990 world cup winner speaks his mind hoffenheim are near the bottom of the table and their new coach julian nagelsmann is only 28 can the youngest. Pittsburgh steelers mike tomlin,This is the best and one of the youngest coaches in the nfl. Florida state offensive coordinator jeff bowden the youngest son of head coach bobby bowden resign,Headline jeff bowden steps down at florida state caption florida state offensive coordinator jeff bowden the youngest son.

Jake chesnut the nevadaidaho game in 1998,Nevada cameras catch jake writing on greaseboard the kibbie dome in moscow id pack put a beatdown on the vandals in 1998 youngest coach in. Wasted talents in football,Xi of players who could have achieved world class status or more featuring goals skills and assists from mario balotelli robinho and more. Dream come true for winston,Dream come true for winston jameis winston joins sportscenter to talk about becoming the youngest heisman trophy winner in history and florida state.

Lebron james before they were famous,Before lebron james was the 1 overall pick in the nba draft by the cleveland cavaliers out of high school before he led the miami heat to nba titles in 2012. Ankle breakers crossovers and handles damon harge johnathan mcgriff tyler ulis,Ankle breakers crossovers and handles is a collection of some of the top ball handling plays to ever be captured on cityleaguehoops the ankle breakers. Top 10 greatest football players of all time hd 2016,Top 10 greatest football players of all time 10 eusebio he was born on 25 january in the year 1942 and is a retired portuguese football forward player.

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