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Hi, my name's otis st.Clair, and i'm here today to talk to you about how to coach youth football.First and foremost is, use a smaller ball.And keep it simple.Teach the basic fundamentals.Make it safe.Make it enjoyable.Teach the basic skills and fundamentals, and most importantly, be positive.Kids normally react to more positive feedback than they do to negative feedback.So make sure that if they drop a pass or miss a block, remember they're only seven, eight years old.They're not high school players or college players.

So be positive.Tell them they'll get it next time.Make it fun for them.Any of the drills that you do, make it a competition for them.If they're doing a blocking drill, keep score.You know, just make sure that they're enjoying themselves, that they're having fun.If you're doing conditioning at the end of practice, make them race each other so that they know that they're not really working, but they're out they're playing.They're having fun.That's mainly what you have to do with kids is make sure that they are having fun while they're.

Heads Up Football Overview USA Football

Heads of football's comprehensive approach to better safe game heads up football is a great program because it's bringing number one how we want to block tackle and play the game of football with our head and our eyes up what usa football's doing you know through heads up football i think it's huge at the nfl usa football we care we care about your kids we share the same concerns we're all in your team the efforts of usa football are critically important to make the game better and that's why we.

Support usa football the support of the heads of program because it's allowing kids to enjoy the game play it the way it is intended to be played we launched a pilot program in 2012 we have three locations across the country the focus was how to look at proper tackling concussion management and equipment fitting three very important areas coupled with our national accredited coaching education program never has there been a greater responsibility for coaches to get it right and to teach the right technique the mothers came to us and said thank you.

You're making me feel more comfortable about my child playing sports football headsup football is so incredible program and when you join with usa football you see what they're doing and your league is affiliated that's the stamp of approval that you're going to have a coach that knows what he's doing a kid he's learning proper technique equipment that's fits so that your child is truly playing a better safer game you teaching young kids how to tackle you teach him how to tackle the right way at an early age.

He will always do it commissioners they care immensely about their coaches about their parents about players in their respective leagues they want to provide a better safer experience they need to work with usa football and heads up football programs do that i would say this only as a parent allow your child to play when you know that that usa football certifications there for the coach and that you know that he's being taught the proper fundamentals of the game heads up football says it all right there i mean you're teaching young people.

To keep their head up to safer way is a better way and by using those proper terms you're going to instill in young people the right techniques heads up tackling is going to continue help our game improve heads up football is four steps first we want to identify a player safety coach in every organization this is a person that has credibility among the coaches among the parents someone that's striving to be a leader and really wants to be part of the changing of the culture of football it's an.

Evolutionary process changing our philosophy and the coaches and the way we play this game it will help us change the culture of the game which always has to be focused on safety first the second step the player safety coach and the coaches work together to assess and verify that they understand proper equipment fitting concussion managment and heads up tackling the head must come out of football you can be tough you have to be tough to play football but noone has a tough brain and so the right thing to do and so the right thing to do is take the head out of the game.

Step three is the moment where player safety coach and the coaches bring the parents and players together heads up safety this is a very pivotal moment in heads up football engagement of parents in being part of the solution it's not just the coaches doing it you yourself you can be involved so i think the parents are getting more comfortable because we're educating i love the game of football but i also love my son and i think that with the new tackling techniques that are being taught its going to keep them safer.

And we show them heads of tackling they will be part of the solution i think it's very important to teach the kids important of keeping their head out of the tackle it is critically important to teach heads up tackling properly and to teach tackling at a slow speech keep your head up never put it down keep your eyes up and the final step of heads of football is the player safety coach continuing to work with the coaches throughout the season they're making sure those coaches are using practice plans they're making sure they're.

Following through on concussion management but probably most importantly the heads up tackling are they practicing it properly are they reducing helmet contacts during the practice week and ultimately are they applying that in the game scenarios what is critical is that all three levels of the game whether it's youth football whether its high school football college football pro football are all on the same page in terms of attacking this issue so what happens now we're expanding from three locations to hundreds across the entire country eventually want every single youth football organization.

Youth Football Coaching Equipment Review Coach McKay On The Colt Blocking PadShield

Youth football coaching equipment review coach mckay on the colt blocking padshield,See the colt football blocking pad in action atkrauskollc head coach mike mckay testimonial on the colt coach mckay expresses why his. Best youth football camp proforce pads camp 2013 highlights,Proforce held their annual youth football pads camp open to all tricity area football players this year we brought in three current nfl athletes that trust only. Youth soccer coaching goalkeeping equipment for soccer training,Goalkeeping for soccer even in training may call for specialized equipment such as shin guards gloves goalkeeper pants and a differentcolored jersey to.

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Youth Football Blocking Techniques RunPass With The Colt Pad Head Coach Joe Koch

Youth football blocking techniques runpass with the colt pad head coach joe koch,To buy your football blocking pad with arms visitkrauskollc use the colt to coach the lines on offense and defense works great for youth. Football basics how to coach youth football,When coaching youth football its important to be positive and teach the basics and fundamentals of the sport coach youth football with tips from a football. Sam gordon girl football player shes back,Girl football player sam gordon is back playing tackle football with the boys see her train for the zombie apocalypse with her zombiekilling dog timmy get up.

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Offensive Line Coaching Youth Football Carpets

Offensive line coaching youth football carpets,Youthfootballcoacheshandbook offensive line coaching youth football carpets blocking pop warner. Soccer drills top 5 soccer training drills to improve fast,Soccer training drills soccertrainingawbestsoccertraining check out my soccer training drills review and discover how soccer training. Dont buy soccer cleats indoor soccer shoes or football boots before watching this tutorial,Dont buy soccer cleats indoor soccer shoes or football boots before you watch this tutorial before you buy soccer cleats indoor soccer shoes or football.

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