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Ricky siglar ricky siglar, former offensive lineman for the san francisco 49ers.That's the world championship san francisco 49ers.Kansas city chiefs and saints.You might have saw my tutorial about the bands a little bit, just talking about them and the benefits.Today i've decided to strap them on and give some some demonstrations of how these will help improve offensive lineman for you coaches.So we're going to start with just some basic movements.These will just be very basic and i'm just going to talk through them.Don't expect much but i think you'll gauge and see the benefits.

Of what these bands can do for you.So the first thing we're going to do is from your stationery position, where you platform your base or you start your stance off feet width apart, come down at stance.Feet out, feet down.What these bands will do help first step.These are built first step.Now i'll take an exaggerated step, simply because i just want to show how you can build power.Now we don't want to take long steps when we're blocking.They're shorter, but you can see the progression of the step here.

And how these bands will build these core muscles to help your players be more explosive coming off the ball and engaging the defender.So we can do just simple exercises almost like a lunge, but it's more of a walk type of style, good knee bend just simulating.Coming out of your stance and taking those first steps.Remember these are exaggerated steps.I just showed you the basic just simulating coming off the ball exaggerated steps.You can also do these for angle blocks if i'm on a tackle or even a guard and i'm blocking down or combo blocking.Take it at first step,.

Which is imperative to getting the proper angle, proper step.Bring your foot with you.It could be blocking a back side linebacker, just exaggerated movements.For guards, it'll be an onside pulling play.You could be lead blocking, stepping out.Now you want to have a little more exaggerated, open step, because maybe you've gone around on a tackle.Coming out here come around that corner looking for safety or a corner or somebody that's coming out.Picking them up and going down the opposite way to get a trapped play.Down, be opening up, working that inside out.

Angle.Trapping the guy inside out.This is so important.A lot of linemen, if you become you want to develop a great athleticism and balance so that when you're trapping and pulling your defenders don't know, because you don't have to cheat and adjust your stance and cheat back a little bit.You want to keep them off balance on offense, you never want them to know what you're doing.So what you really want to work on and these will help you.This will help that power.When you trap or you pull just depends on.

Which way we're going we're going to the left here.This leg, your right leg is your power.It's going to allow you to push off and gain ground.The problem is a lot of guys don't take the proper step with this leg.What i teach is when you're down here and you get trapped, you take this arm and you draw it in to get your body open.Now you're parallel down the line and you can move this way.A lot of guys step under themselves, take false steps some guys even kind of shuffle step when entrapped.The whole trap, that's.

A disaster.Real simple put these bands on and just from this position.Twopoint stance position, just like that.Stand low.You don't want to come up high.You want to stay down here and turn just like that, boom.Now you know just a few things about trapping.I'll ask why i'll bring the camera what to look for.Every system is different.You have different responsibilities, but what it all blows down to is athleticism being an athlete.Don't be so programmed and just say, i've got one guy.Things can changed.So what he wanted me to show you is as you open up.

The pool and you're trapped you got your eyes down the line of scrimmage.Now if you're trapped and you'll say you'll trap the first down lineman past the center and you're pulling from a guard position and that down lineman is, say, head up on that guard it's going to be what we call a 'short trap'.So you have to think, it's not a very long way to go and this guy is right on top of my guard.So i want to come out boom.Remember good steps.I want to take an inside out motion, because the back is coming off my hip.You.

Want your head to be on this side of him because the hole is here.So you want to knock him this way.It's okay if he runs off field around you because there's a hole.You just don't want him to beat you underneath and be inside the hole.So you want your head coming down the line.You've located your guy.That guard has maybe stepped down, blocked with the center, up forward to your linebacker.He's not sure what to do because this guy disappeared.You've got the perfect inside out angle.You get.

Your body on it and you just drive through and it'll create a scene.It's a quick play, quick hitting.You don't have to stay in your block for a long time.Now there's other traps that are longer traps.Say you're trapping a guy over the left tackle.It's a little bit of a longer pull.You have to your pull step, get your eyes where you're supposed to be.Locate your target, track him down.Defense can do a lot of different things.They could run stunts and twists.That guy.

Goes out and say a linebacker appears, you got to be able to see him and make the adjustment and block the linebacker.It just to be an athlete, it takes a lot of practice.We've worked with a couple of basal inaudible 000638.Coming out of your stance.Just straight ahead, coming out for simulating dry blocking, but exaggerated steps to build the power and the core.We worked on different angles for maybe combo block or your back cutting off the back side linebacker.We worked on pulling, being.

A leading guard or leading blocker on the outside which means a little bit deeper pull.Opening up that body.Remember, the first thing you want to do is locate your area and your target as you're running around.Boom what the heck happened you just dropped your back in the back field.Now they start learning as soon as i come out, i got to be looking.I kind of look this guy is coming.Now i got to adjust my lower.Speaker 1 ricky is saying that somebody comes over here.This player is going to get right.

By him.Is that.Ricky siglar now here's what i want you to teach your linebackers.I've played against junior seau.I've played against some of the best linebackers in the game and i had a great offensive line coach named alex gibbs.He's about this tall, he's got an athletic bone in his body.Alex was a great coach.He used to always tell us that the great linebackers always run underneath not always over the top.A lot of times we have a combo block.Me and the guard, we'd have what we called a deuce block.Back side linebacker who would, in.

Some cases it would be junior seau.The way we were trained is i take my good step, he posts up, we drive, nobody comes off until that linebacker shows.If he comes over the top, when he gets there i come off.He comes underneath, i take over the block and the guard comes off.So you have to be able to keep your eyes on who you're blocking.Two guys, while staying in your football positions, being low and recognizing what the defense is doing.One thing that we did learn, especially against.

Real athletic guys like junior seau, who can run fast and smart is when we do this block, very rarely would junior come over the top.He would come back behind the scene because he was fast enough and catch a lot of plays that way.So we would gain plans for junior seau because he was so disruptive.So now we come in and say, five times out of ten the guard is come off and pick up the back side backer and inaudible 000913 has got to be prepared to take the down linebacker.So we would adjust our blocking.


Roy holmes so when we're dealing with our youth population, we're talking about our kids anywhere from six years old, all the way up to 10.A lot of times there have been different studies that come out that say kids shouldn't be lifting at certain ages and things like that.But, what you've got to really look at is what are our kids doing they have backpacks that are sometimes weighing up to 15 or 20 pounds.So is some type of lifting going to hurt them no.Now, overloading them more than what they.

Typically do on a daily basis is going to hurt them.So what we like to do a lot of times is we do a lot of body weight type activities, taking them through a full range of motion, because the way that the economy is going and the educational system, there's not a whole lot of factors that allow physical education to be done anymore.So at a setting like this, we just try to get the kids moving around and then doing a whole bunch of different multidirectional movements and body weight activities.

Todd williams depending upon the age or strength training of a young athletes, here we would generally start off at eight years old.We don't lift weights with them until they reach puberty, for most of our kids, for moving weight, but we do teach them the mechanics of lifting weights.So we can do things with their body weight, doing a squat with just their body weight, doing a pushup, which is an excellent, overall exercise for young athletes, to work and develop their core, their shoulders, and their back, and their.

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